What makes a good leader?

What makes a good leader?

Last week I spent four incredible days with 44 other emerging leaders of the third-sector, on the American Express Leadership Academy delivered by Common Purpose in London. I’d never really considered myself as a leader in the past. I’d managed projects, managed staff, managed budgets, but that’s where I drew the line. Was I really a leader? And what makes a good leader?

YouTube Highlights: Every Frame a Painting – Tony Zhou

Every Frame a Painting - Tony Zhou
Image taken from everyframeapainting.tumblr.com

Over the last year or two I’ve been really heavily impressed, inspired and influenced by YouTube Content Creators so I want to set aside some time on this blog to share my appreciation of them, to let you know why I think they’re great and why they are worth your time watching. Next up, Every Frame a Painting.

When Real Life Gets In The Way

Face, meet desk. Desk, face.

When I first started this blogging I updated this site once in the first nine months. When I came back to it, I set myself the goal of using my time more productively and gave myself the challenge to update this blog twice a week, once on a Monday and again on a Thursday. But at times, even that modest target has been difficult to meet consistently when life demands attention.

#PigGate – the perfect Hambush or a load of porkies?

#PigGate - How Twitter reacted

I woke up this morning, like I do most mornings, with bleary eyes and a slightly sore head. It took a while for my sight to focus but when it eventually settled the red LED of my alarm clock read 06:15. I was running late. Panic. “How could I sleep through my alarm? I did set it didn’t I?” These thoughts rush through my head as I grab my phone and see a text from my friend. Relief. He was also running late – we’d meet up in half an hour. Little did I know I’d slept through one of the most bizarre news incidents in British political history.

Genre and Narrative: Analysing Die Hard

Genre and Narrative: An Analysis of Die Hard

In this blog post I will be investigating the action/adventure film field and considering the importance of genre and narrative, with reference to both theorists (namely Vladimir Propp and Tzvetan Todorov) and the seminal 1988 Bruce Willis box-office hit: Die Hard. Not only is it one of my favourite films of all time – every Christmas at Tyneside Cinema it gets screened and I’m always there! – but it truly has something for everyone. Warning: spoilers ahead!