Hi, I’m Jamie Mercer and I’m a filmmaker from the UK. I trained as a broadcaster journalist with a focus on video and currently teach 11-25 year olds the skills they need to make better films.

Videography can be a really expensive hobby but I want to pass on as much information and knowledge as I can so that you can make informed choices about the gear you are buying, use your camera to its full potential, and get the best out of you as a filmmaker.

I’ll be going over some of the fundamentals of video production (lighting, sound, framing and composition, getting steady shots, settings on your camera) and also going into some more of the advanced features and methods as we go on. Expect gear reviews, DIY projects, how to tutorials.

I mainly make factual documentaries, promotional shorts, and sports reportage pieces but I’m always looking to work on new and exciting projects. The second documentary I worked on was released this year and was screened in two cinemas locally.

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